Upload media

As a creative mind, there is a big dependency on media for showing what you are working on. Because of that, Worka gives you a big space and two ways of uploading your media. Media can be only uploaded through the projects tab:

upload contentIf you want to upload pictures

Press the ‘browse’ button and upload it from your device or drag images to the box for including images into your portfolio. Multiple images are supported, and encouraged, so you can show everything you got to your audience.

If you want videos or gifs

You can add this type of content to your portfolio by embedding it. This can be done by pasting the URL in the ‘Paste Your URL Here’ box.

Mixing both types of content is possible so you don’t have to include unnecessary projects and all the creations you want are gathered in the same place. Ordering your content correctly is key for increasing the interactions of the audience with your content.

The uploading limit per piece of content is 50MB.

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